Tecumseh Trail Marathon

tecumseh-250About this time of the year (early December) I lament that I am not trained up, prepared for and ready to run in the Tecumseh Trail Marathon.

And this year is no exception.

Earlier this year, in January 2013, I ran a Quarter Trail Marathon. Although this race was only 6.55 miles, it gave me a great introduction to trail running. Trail running is similar to road running in some regards. But, it is really a different beast. Running on a trail you have to jump and hop over tree roots, rocks and fallen trees and whatever else there is on the trail. You need to skip across creeks and most likely your shoes and your clothes will be soaked. Depending on the weather, you can get muddy, wet or sun burned. And the hills can be short and steep and long and steep.

After running the Quarter Marathon, I thought that I could train for the Tecumseh Marathon. I intended to spend the next few months running on trails to build endurance and stamina. I thought that this year, 2013 will be my year for the Tecumseh.

Other than the Quarter Marathon, I only ran on a trail system one other time during the year. On that occasion, I planed a 6 mile route. But I bailed out after a few miles when I crossed a road and then walked and ran on the road back to the car. Those few miles on the trail was enough for me on that day.

Although there are many trail marathons to choose from, the Tecumseh Trail Marathon holds my affection. I’ve never entered the marathon but I have hiked several sections of the trail. The northern terminus of trail is in Morgan Monroe State Forest. In my younger days, I’ve backpacked through the forest. The trail winds through Yellowwood State Forest and ends near Morgan Monroe Reservoir. The Trail is over 40 miles in length but the Marathon only uses 26.2 miles of it.

A section of the Trail that runs through Yellowwood is close by some property my family owns. I’ve hiked from the property through Yellowwood to the Tecumseh bridge many times. And every time I’ve done that hike I’ve always thought how cool it would be to run the marathon on the trail. I say to myself that “this year is the year I run the Tecumseh”

However, even if I had trained for the marathon, winter storm Cleon had different intentions. This year the winter storm dumped over 10 inches of snow and ice in Morgan, Brown and Monroe counties the day before forcing the promoters to cancel the event.

On Saturday, December 7, on the same day that the marathon was scheduled to stage, I drove my little 2000 Honda Civic through Brown County to check on the camper we park at Cordry Lake. The 10″ of heavy wet snow collapsed one side of the camper and the little Honda “almost” got stuck in a snow drift. Thankfully I was able to coax the car out of the drift and up the snow and ice-covered dirt road. I’ve been stuck at the lake several times in the snow and it’s not much fun to dig yourself out. I was lucky this time. Occasionally Morgan, Monroe and Brown Counties get a blanket a snow like what Cleon left. But, this on is a significant event and I understand why the promoters canceled the Marathon.

Still, it’s a bummer.

According to the web site the event may be staged at a later date. I didn’t register for this year’s marathon so I can’t participate even if the event is rescheduled. But, as I say every year, “There is always next year!” to run the Tecumseh.


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