Red Nose Run

rednoserun_logo.5k.10k_2013I’m not an impulsive person by nature. I usually will spend some time analyzing every aspect of a decision before I decide what to do.

But today was different. I received an email from America Multi Sport about the Red Nose Run. After reading the event info I decided to register. Normally I would check my schedule, talk to the wife and talk kids to see if they have anything going on that I need to be attentive too, decide if I could run the distance (10K in this event), check the long-range weather forecast and then noodle the thought of registering for a few days (maybe a week or two) before committing to register for the race. I would hate to spend the money to register for a race and then have ‘something’ come up that would not allow me to participate. I would rather check all contingencies and cover every detail before committing the money and my future time and schedule.

But this time … it was different.

After I got the email I checked my schedule and nothing was on it and then I clicked on the register button and moments later I was officially signed up.

I now have two races in December to look forward too. This new Red Nose Run on Saturday 12/7 and the Jingle Bell Run on Sunday 12/15. I

Hope everyone is having a great day!

3 thoughts on “Red Nose Run

    • Hi Thin Lady Inside … thank you for catching that domain issue. I used to own the domain … I had it since 2001 and used it for my own personal web site and other online stuff. But, I let the domain expire last year and didn’t realize that I had it listed in WordPress settings. So many details! I’m looking forward to the Red Nose Run on Saturday 12/07. Snow and freezing rain and frigid temperatures are in the forecast. Should be a great time!

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