Weekend Miles and First Go Pro Video

An arctic cold snap has settled on central Indiana so I awoke to 16°F this morning! Wow … that’s cold. Thankfully, it was a very bright and sunny morning. So, I decided on a run and headed out for a few miles. I ran 6.2 miles in 1:00:10 for an average pace of 9:40 per mile. Although I didn’t feel like I was running at an average pace of 9:40. I felt like I was running at 10:00 or slower. On Friday night (11/22) I ran 7.15 miles at an average pace of 10:02. Strange how two runs can have completely difference results yet I feel the perceived effort was the same for both runs.

The Go Pro head strap finally came via Postal Mail. So, this morning, I decided to video tape the run with the Go Pro strapped to my head. This morning’s video weighs in at 6.62 GB for about an hour’s worth of video. Wow! It took over an hour to input the video from the Go Pro into iMovie. Then I was able to edit the footage into a 90 video with I posted on You Tube. The video was a bit bouncy even when I used the head strap. I’m not sure that can be overcome? But overall, it’s not bad considering it’s my first attempt.

The video is here!

My experiment with the chest harness resulted with useless video. It was too shaky and bouncy. Since I ran at night, every street light, house light, car light and every other light source is captured as a bouncing streak of colorful light. It makes for great abstract art (if you are into that) but it makes awful video. Unless I can figure out how to adjust the Go Pro’s shutter speed, I don’t believe is worth while to run with the Go Pro at night.

I signed up for the Jingle Bell Run in Indianapolis on December 15, 2013. I plan to run with the Go Pro and the video should be better. Running in the midst of a field of other runners makes for interesting video. Running solo on the street doesn’t make for interesting video. Unless, of course, it was running though a scenic forest or mountain valley. Then it would be interesting.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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