Miles From Last Night

So … I ran 4 miles last night. In the dark. But … it wasn’t as cold as it has been lately. Although the wind was stiff and strong for the 40 minutes I was on the road. The winds have been strong for the last few days. And … I am one of the lucky ones … as none of the 23 tornadoes that swept through Indiana on Sunday came close to my neighborhood.

Side note : about 10 years ago, a EF-3 tornado clipped the south-eastern edge of my neighborhood. Thankfully, my home wasn’t damage but the neighborhoods to the north and east were heavily damaged. The tornado damage you can see on TV is awful enough but to see it live and in person is beyond comprehension.


The first two miles of the run were hard as my legs were heavy and I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. In the final two miles, my legs felt lightweight and I felt like I was actually moving. It was really a strange sensation. My overall time was 40:01 for an average pace of 9:58.

Tonight, I plan to run at least 4 miles. Of course, it will be dark. And the air temperature will probably be in the low 40’s or high 30’s. I really need to buy some sort of reflective vest or a strobe light or something similar so I can be seen more easily. I also need to wear my head lamp as I could hardly see the pavement last night because it was so dark.

Well … cheers to everyone today!

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