I woke up at 4:00 am this morning but I didn’t get out of bed until 4:30. I debated with myself if it’s worth the effort to get up and run a few miles this morning, especially since it was 29°F outside with a wind chill of 22°F. At least that is what the TV weather man was saying.

I skipped Thursday morning because my left ankle was swollen and hurting. I really didn’t want to skip another morning. So, at 4:30, the better half of my brain said “get up and run” and so I got up and ran.

And it was cold. I wore my running tights and heavy running shirt and hat and gloves. My first mile was a comfortable pace of 9:55. I was starting to warm up as I started my second mile when I slipped in loose gravel and fell twisting my left ankle and falling on my right knee. Oh my, instant pain in my left ankle and right knee. I laid on the cold pavement for a moment or two trying to get up, wondering if anyone was having a good laugh at my mishap. I was laughing at myself as it was a struggle to get up. At least it was totally dark outside. Hopefully, no one saw me.

Thirteen years ago I was hiking in Colorado (on the Hanging Lake Trail in the Glenwood Canyon) and I slipped on some loose gravel and broke my left leg and dislocated the ankle in one swift move. I still have the screws in the leg and ankle!

As I laid on the pavement, I thought of that experience, wondering if this incident was going to replay the surgery and rehab of the hiking experience.

I finally got up and tried to walk off the pain. Thankfully, nothing was broken and I could place my weight on my left ankle. My right knee was hurting but it wasn’t broken. I walked for a few minutes debating if I should quit and walk back home or continue running. I decided to take a few strides and see if I could run. And, thankfully, I could and so I continued the run.

I ran another three miles. My total time was 43:11 with an average of 10:25. The second mile, the mile where I fell down, was timed at 11:43.

Back at home, I discovered that my right knee has a 3 inch cut and it was bleeding. Thankfully, it’s nothing serious. I can run again.

I hope everyone stays safe today and enjoys their own run (without tripping or falling like I did). Cheers!


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  1. WOW! I am sorry you went through all that but at the same time it must be pretty awesome to be able to say “I did this” it’s amazing! Great job! not many would’ve pushed through it… and you did! And it wasn’t crazy… you assessed the situation, you still were cautious but you didn’t jump at the opportunity to “quit” … because you are no quitter! I am still cold right now as I write this from my morning run… here, where I live, we were 37 degrees this morning and even when it’s no 22 I do know that the humidity of this area makes you chill to the bone! but I do feel great to know that when many others quit I don’t … My running pal (another super-hero) and I were the only ones running today…. It was dark, cold and windy… We were sniffling the whole time and the cold air felt like it cut our faces, especially on the way back when we were against the wind… but it is awesome! It’s what separates *us* from the rest… we’re for real… we’re determined… we’re here to stay! Great job Dave… and thank you for checking on me … Sorry I hadn’t posted!

    • Hi Thin Lady Inside … it’s great to hear from you! And thank you for the encouragement. When I was spread out on the cold pavement my first thought was to quit and go back home and feel sorry for myself. I’m thankful that I did push through it. It’s hard at times to push through it. Hope you are staying warm in this cold snap. I love your determination … a true inspiration for me and everyone!!

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