Wednesday Miles

I finally mustered up the energy and motivation to get outside and run. Thankfully, it was a mild morning, although there was some rain in the area.

I ran 3.2 miles at a slow pace of 10:17. My total time was 32:56. I can’t seem to find the speed that I once had. I know the reason …. it’s the weight I’ve gain and the beer I drink! I can feel it bounce up and down as I run. Geez. I really need to do something about that.

According to the Nike+ app, I ran 64.1 miles in October. My average pace was 10:11 … so maybe this morning’s pace of 10:17 isn’t too awfully slow for me. In September, I ran 74.2 miles with an average pace of 10:03.

Thankfully, I can run. I say that with gratitude. Too many people can’t run and I feel privileged to be able to run, even at my age (51). Even with all the domestic issues that are swirling around in my life, a few miles running around the neighborhood is an island of mental and emotional calm.

I am considering a trip to San Francisco for the summer of 2014. My nephew lives out there and I thought to visit him and take in the sights. In my internet research, I came across a girl who ran across the Golden Gate Bridge and blogged about it. I would like to do that if I can get out there. The run across the bridge and back again is only about 7 miles. The only time I’ve been to San Francisco is when I was in the 3rd grade and the family took a trip out west to visit my grandparents who lived in San Jose.

My wife isn’t too thrilled about my vacation ideas. She prefers the beach to anything I suggest. So, we usually go to the beach. I try to turn those vacations into running destinations. It is pretty cool to run on the beach during the sunrise and then take a swim in the cool surf.

Hope everyone is having a great running day! Cheers!

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