New Miles

Thursday 10/17/2013 map of this morning's 5 mile run.

Thursday 10/17/2013 map of this morning’s 5 mile run.

I finally dragged my fat butt out of bed this morning so I could put in some road miles. I’ve been so lazy this week on the running. It seems so strange that I can have a great run and a new PR on last Saturday’s Red Gold 5K and then I can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning to run this week. So strange.

Anyways, I got out of bed at 4:30 am. I checked the weather and it was 44°F outside! It’s getting colder in the mornings. I wore running pants and a long sleeve shirt to keep the chill off me. I really need to buy a jacket of some sort, especially to keep the wind off me. This morning there wasn’t even a slight breeze so I was ok but if there is the slightest wind I get chilled quickly.

I was able to make the 5 mile run in 49:53 at an average pace of 9:56. Since it was spooky dark this morning I just ran laps around the neighborhood. The fastest mile was the 5th mile at 9:44 and the slowest was the first mile at 10:11. This morning’s 9:56 average pace is so much slower than the 9:07 from last Saturday’s 5K. But, I’m glad I can slow down. With the Muncie Mini Marathon in less than two weeks, I really want to slow down. I’m afraid that since I’m not really trained up for the mini that I will start too fast on that race and run out of energy and DNF. So, I tried to keep it slower this morning just to gauge my slower pace. I’m thankful for the new 5K PR but a mini is a different race and needs a different strategy. I want to start slow in that race … which is exactly the opposite of my usual tactic … where I start way too fast.

Well, I hope everyone has a great day and great miles!

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