Red Gold 5K

Swag from the Red Gold 5K.

Swag from the Red Gold 5K.

What a great time. The people at Red Gold know how to stage a race.

Red Gold is a large tomato processing company with plants in Elwood, Orestes and Geneva Indiana. They say the race raised over $14,000 for food banks in east Central Indiana.

I left the house at 6:30 am for the hour and ten minute drive from Indianapolis to Elwood, Indiana. It was dark and chilly when I left the house. I arrive at the Callaway Park in Elwood along with about 500 other people in time to pick up the race bib and a bag full of race swag (along with the t-shirt). They were giving out free energy and protein bars. The race started at 9:00 am.

Being a mid pack runner, I staged myself in the middle of the pack. The course ran around Callaway Park and then to downtown Elwood and then back to the park. I thought I would give this race my absolute best effort at a good time so I started fast and really didn’t slow down for the entire race.

The Red Gold Chili Cook Off was in full gear when the stream of runners ran through downtown. There were people lined up on the route to cheer us on. Kind of cool to run through it. I could smell the chili cooking in the background. Every running was given a ticket to get into the cook off and sample and vote on the best chili.

I made it back to the Park in full stride and crossed the finish in 28:17 (according to Nike+), which is now my 5K PR !! Not too bad. My average pace was 9:07 per mile!

Wind Farm in Indiana.

Wind Farm in Indiana.

After the run, I spotted several giant windmills in the distance. So I jogged out to one of them to take a photo. I didn’t realize that Indiana has a wind farm. I’ve seen a few of these windmills in Iowa on a trip to the rocky mountains but didn’t know Indiana has any. Later, I was told that the wind farm goes out beyond Elwood to Kokomo Indiana, about 40 miles.

I wondered around the chili cook off to sample the variety of chili. It was a great time. I voted for Team Jacob’s mild chili, which was about the sweetest tasting chili in the competition.

The next Red Gold 5K is on October 11, 2014. Hopefully I will be able to do it again.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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