A Weekend Run

My weekend was not the best I’ve ever had. There are way too many domestic issues to contend with and I drank way, way too much beer. So, I only ran 4 miles all weekend.

I wished I have run more. My intent was to run long (say 6 miles) on Saturday morning. But, the Friday night party kept going till early Saturday morning. By the time I woke up from the brew haze I had to get to work and the day was shot from a running perspective.

On Sunday, I couldn’t muster up the energy for an early morning run. But, I did gather some energy for an afternoon run. However, as I was leaving the house to drive to Craig Park (part of the Greenwood Indiana Trail System) I discovered my left front tire was flat. So, I put on the donut spare and drove to the tire shop. I just wanted the tire repaired but the tire people refused to repair the tire saying that it had ‘dry rotted’ (?). After inspecting the other tires on my ’00 Honda Civic they decided the right front tire needed replacing too. Thankfully, I had replaced the rear tires a few years ago and they were still in good shape. What I was thinking to be a $20 repair job turned into a $150 charge for two new tires.


I finally got to run after 3:00 pm. I ran 4.31 miles in 42.59 for an average pace of 9:57. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon with a park full of picnickers and runners and walkers. I was jealous of the couples who were running together.

My new Brooks Addiction 10 running shoes.

My new Brooks Addiction 10 running shoes.

On a brighter note, I bought a new pair of Brooks Addiction 10. They replace the current pair which was starting to show some wear and tear. These are certainly motion control shoes and don’t offer a great amount of cushioning. They are very supportive for my flat feet over fat, overweight body. The shoes were priced about $100 at the local running shop in Greenwood.

I hope that everyone has a great running day! Cheers.

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