Wednesday Morning Run

My Wednesday 9/18 morning running route as tracked by the Nike+ app.

My Wednesday 9/18 morning running route as tracked by the Nike+ app.

It was a great run this morning. I was able to get in 4 miles and the air temperature was cool at 64°F. My total time was 39:31 for an average page of 9:50 per mile. My first mile was 10:14 and I then decided to pick up the pace. I had run so much faster over the weekend that I knew I could run faster this morning. The second mile was 9:44, the third was 9:35 and the fourth was 9:46. Not too bad consider that several weeks ago I was averaging 10:40 per mile. Although as I type this I am feeling a bit of pain in my calves and Achilles tendons. Hopefully, some ibuprofen will take care of it.

Last night (9/17) I ran 4 miles. I had slacked off that morning and wanted to get some miles in for the day. After work, I thought I could get in at least 3.5 miles but decided I felt good enough to get in 4 miles. My time for that run was 39:00 for an average pace of 9:40 per mile.

After my run last night, I continued working on the Shed Project. For this project I am installing motion sensors and flood lights which will illuminate some of the back yard. I’ve wanted to do this for years (actually since 1996 when I moved into the house) but never got around to do it. Now, it’s on the top of my list and I’m intent on getting it done. However, last night after my run, I had a hard time holding the jig saw above my head to cut the holes for the lights. My upper body strength was nowhere to be found. I don’t know if I just didn’t have the energy after the run or if I’m just weak in the shoulders and arms. I finally got the hole cut but was exhausted after holding that saw. I probably should work on my upper body strength.

Well, I hope everyone has a great running day! God Bless.

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