Greenwood Trek 5K

T-shirt logo and Bib from the Greenwood Trek 5K.

T-shirt logo and Bib from the Greenwood Trek 5K.

Ah so … a 5K race. My first one this year!

It was 51°F at the start … the coldest morning in months. I wore running pants and doubled up on the t-shirts.

Overall, this was a great race for me. My time was 29:52 for an average pace of 9:36. This average pace is so much faster than my recent performance (which has hovered at 10:45). Not too bad for an old man. At least I know I can sustain this pace for 3 miles. I’ve been depressed about my recent performance because I know I can do better.

The race itself was very simple. About 300 people participated. I did not pre-register but just showed up with my $25 cash and signed up. There wasn’t much, if any pomp or circumstance at the beginning … a few announcements and then the start. There was no shoe chip or bib chip, just a guy holding a stopwatch. The police shut done a major street for a few blocks but otherwise the route was on the Greenwood trail system. Your name was announced as you crossed the finished line.

It was honestly very cool! I need to do this more often.

Hope that everyone has a great running weekend!

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