I blew off the exercise this morning in favor of a few minutes of extra sleep. It was probably not the best idea as now I need to run in the record heat this evening, if I want to run at all today. I don’t mind the heat so long as I don’t pressure myself to excel and I can accept a few minutes of walking between miles. Sometimes my ego doesn’t allow for that.

I have noticed that my 7 week layoff as added a few inches to my waist, as I had to loosen the belt. So, I should pick up the calorie counting effort again. I haven’t stepped on the scale in months so I don’t know what my actual weight is. Running without the calorie counting doesn’t help me to lose weight. But I’ve proven many times that running and calories counting does melt the fat for me. So I need to do both. Right now, however, I’m just focused on running. Hopefully, I’ll get back into calorie counting and weight loss soon … very soon.

My wife and daughter are going out-of-town to a slumber party this weekend. I guess you are never too old to have a slumber party. So, since I’ll be a bachelor for the weekend, I believe I will register for the Greenwood Trek 5K in Greenwood, IN on Saturday 9/14. It’s a race to raise funds for the Greenwood Indiana fitness trails. Since I’ve run on those fitness trails many times I probably should register for the race so my entry fee can help the city expand the trail system. I haven’t pre-registered, which is my usual method of race registration. So I’ll just show up and pay the extra $5 for same day registration. Of course I risk the threat of not getting a t-shirt but since I’m only now planning for this race days before it’s scheduled, what choice is there? And, it’s a 5K race and that is all I’m able to do now.

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