Saturday Morning

Map of my 3.1 mile run on Saturday morning 09-07-2013.

Map of my 3.1 mile run on Saturday morning 09-07-2013.

On Saturday morning, 9/7/13, I was able to get in another 3.1 miles. But, unlike the previous two running episodes, this one was a real struggle. I had to take two walking breaks at mile 1 and mile 2. My average pace was slow at 10:31 and the total time was 33:36. I was tired when I started and thought that I would ‘wake up’ but I never did. I just kept getting tired and tired until I was grateful when I stopped at 3.1 miles.

At least I got out there and didn’t blow it off like I normally would!

Although I started off somewhat tired, my first mile was 9:56, which is the fastest I’ve run all week. However, my second mile was 10:33 and the third mile was 11:08. So, in this run, I had my fastest mile and slowest mile of the week!

Fortunately, this was my first week back after a long layoff. So, it’s just someplace to restart. Things will get better.

This morning (Sunday, 09/08) I believe I will drive to one of the marvelous Indiana State parks and walk a couple of miles on a trail. At least I’ll be somewhat active and try to burn off all the beer I drank yesterday! Yes, craft beer is a weakness of mine that I can’t seem to overcome.

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend!

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