A Morning Run

Map from my 09-06-2013 run.

Map from my 09-06-2013 run.

So great … another morning run … and for a second day in a row!

I started about 5:05 am and just ran 3.17 miles. My time was 31:57 for an average pace of 10:04. My fastest mile was 10:00 and the slowest mile was 10:11. Overall, I ran somewhat consistently.

For the last two days, I’ve run just around the neighborhood. The perimeter street in the neighborhood is just under a mile. So, it makes for a great ‘track’ or ‘trail’. It’s a super simple route for shorter runs and there is hardly any traffic in the early mornings. Before my 7 week layoff, I would venture outside the neighborhood on the longer runs. Sometimes, I would drive to one of the fitness trails Indianapolis and Greenwood has to offer.

At 5:00 am … it’s totally dark outside. This morning, I could see the constellation Orion in the south-eastern sky. Although the Dog Star (Sirius) was still below the horizon. When I see Orion in the mornings, I know Fall and Winter are coming soon. I should enjoy the warmer weather while I can!

I hope everything has a great run today and a great day!

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