This Morning

Nike map of my morning 3.1 mile run.

Nike map of my morning 3.1 mile run.

Yay! I ran. Although it was a minor struggle to get out of bed.

Our drain problem of yesterday (9/4) is hopefully eliminated. Although there was some symptoms of still more blockage after I had a plumbing service snake the drain. After watching the plumber work with the drain auger, I believe I can rent a similar machine and do it myself if the drain clogs again.

At 5:15 am this morning the air temperature was in the low 60’s. Even with the slightly cooled temperature, I still sweat like a pig during a slow 3.1 mile run. So, I really need to take a shower without the fear of backing up the drain so much that the rest of the family couldn’t take their showers before they go to work and school.

It felt good to run this morning, in body and spirit. I don’t know why running is so refreshing to me. I’m sure it has something to do with the endorphins swirling around in my head during the run. At the end of the run, I was ready to stop. After a seven week layoff, 3.1 miles is all I can do.

The run was slow at an average pace of 10:06 for a total time of 31:44. My pace was steady with the slow mile at 10:10 and a fast mile at 10:01.

I really need to watch what I eat the night before because I felt bloated to a slight degree this morning. Last night was not a great eating night. The Nike app says that I burned up 397 calories in the 3.1 mile run. I’m sure it made a small dent in the overall calories I ate last night.

Hope everyone has a great run and a great day today!

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