Running Excuses

I didn’t run this morning.

It was a combination of things that kept me off the road. I don’t know if these are valid excuses but it’s just where I’m at this morning.

The first excuse is that our drain backed up again and so we can’t use the bathroom as normal. I didn’t want to run and then try to shower off my sweaty and smelly over weight body with a short cold shower that would back up in the drain. Although we have family and friends who would lend their shower, I just didn’t want to impose.

The second excuse is that my quads are screaming at me from yesterday’s run. So, maybe it’s prudent that I lay off for the day and pick it back up tomorrow morning. I wish I could ignore the pain but I shouldn’t. Maybe if I was one of those thin, hard bodied elite runners that I envy I would ignore the pain and press on. But, I’m just an overweight fifty year old guy trying to run around the block.

Hopefully, tomorrow is different … I want tomorrow to be different … I want to get back on the road!

I hope that everyone is having a great day!

2 thoughts on “Running Excuses

  1. You can do it! The worst part is getting out the door when the excuses are swirling around in your head, but once you do that, you’ll be golden!

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